Monday, April 13, 2009

Smoking: burn health, burn wealth

Nowadays smoking is no longer a fashion as used to be. Many people start smoking when they have pressure and stress, or feel sad and lonely. It is understandable for this; unfortunately, when it becomes a habit or addicted, it will become a problem.

First, a habit of smoking is to burn wealth. As estimated, the money people would have spent on cigarettes from age 40 to 65 may net $100,000, not counting what you save by avoiding disease.
Second, a habit of smoking is to burn health. Smoking is known to be an important risk factor for respiratory illnesses and can cause the lung cancer, coronary heart disease, mouth cancer and severe problems regarding throat, kidney, bladder and pancreas. Around 1000 Americans are dying each day because of smoking.

When the health is brunt, the wealth is meaningless and gradual shrinking because of the endless medical expenses. Therefore, burning health means burning wealth.

Therefore, for people who are non-smokers, never take a chance to start smoking. When tempted, try something else: talking, singing, dancing, hiking, even yelling or crying …. Thinking about drug!

For people who are smokers, think about quitting now although it is hard. There are always some excuses to give up. But health and wealth are two factors for not giving up. There are so many online resources, recommendations, and tips available for quit smoking. Among them, there is always ONE or more suitable and working for you. Here is one who got the effect accidently.

“I started with nutrition supplements. About 20 days later I realized the differences: I have much better complexion, more energetic, then my stomach pain was gone. About 2 months later, one day I realized that I was out of cigarette for at least 5-6 days, and I never had the desire to buy a pack (I was not a heavy smoker, about 5 or 6 a day, the heaviest day about half a pack), I was very excited and told my friend about it to share the great news”.

This experience can't guarantee it will work for everybody. But it tells us that it never hurts to have try and try something different. One thing is sure that nothing will change better if no action.

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