Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eight treasure porridge

Eight treasure porridge is a traditional Chinese fluid food with eight or more than eight nutritious ingredients. It is considered in traditional Chinese medicine as a healthy food that is particularly good for the spleen, stomach and blood.

The ingredients I used: dried red beans, lotus seeds, red dates, black rice, peanuts, glutinous rice, rock sugar, etc.

  • Wash all the ingredients
  • Mix the hardy ingredients (red beans, peanut,black rice, lotus seeds etc) with water (liquid to solid ratio: 4: 1) and cook them in a a rice cooker (or slow cooker or regular cooker) till every ingredients become soft and ready to eat (~30-40 min via using a rice cooker)
  • Add glutinous rice, red dates, rock sugar (depend on how sweet you want) with water and continue cook for about 20-30 minutes till getting thick.
  • Cool down and ready to serve.

Note: The ingredients are not strictly limited to eight above mentioned and the procedures can be modified.

This is a healthy FAST fluid food that you can easily cook at home.

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