Monday, February 16, 2009

What is real happiness?

I believe thousands of people can give thousands of answers to this questions.

As common people, it is common to set their own life goals as being famous or being wealthy. With this ambitious plan in mind, they are willing to put any efforts, sacrafice, and overcome any difficulties with inspirations...One day when they are really successful, they truely feel self-satisfiaction and successful. However, they will also find these feelings last too short. Instead, they often feel tired, pressure, and even loss of themselves at many occassions as a famous person or a rich figure. All the information s/he received from the reports sound like very good and encouraging. They are living in the center of media attention with furstrations. No privacy, not much personal life, and being lonely. At many times they start recalling or remembering those simple and real days-those times full of a faith and hardwod: poor guy working to create wealth; a trival person to seek fame...
Ironically, someday they start look for and create the lifestyes of their old days. When they really experiece the similar lifestye, they often find what they had before is so beautiful, and is a power to drive them to investigae what is a real happiness.
Unexpectly, the real happiness is what they already had long long ago but it take so long, so much efforts, and almost a life cycle for them to realize and understand.
So what is the real happiness? My answer is: It is a simple truth.

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