Monday, February 2, 2009

Accumulate friendship

Lifetime is short but is also long. I wish everything through a life went smoothly. Unfortunately, life is always full of unanticipated difficulties. Sometimes, it is hard to seek helps and support from our family at that moment but it is often solved with the help of our friends. So far every steps I moved forward, there are always friends accompanying me to overcome the difficulties I have confronted. Therefore, my heart has been full of apreciation.

Through our lifetime. there is no doubt that we need close connections, cares, and concerns from our family and relatives. But we also need friendships, which can not be substituted by other relationships.

From my experience, a reliable friendship is the warmest and coziest coat for our whole life, which can only builds up through our personal quality and positive attitude towards others.

Life is fair: today we plant friendship seeds here;tomorrow we may harvest somewhere.

If we already have a lot, it is never too much and we need to cherish and maintain it; If we do not have any, it is never too late to build and accumulate it.

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