Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Plant kindness

Recently there is a lot of news about people who was killed. I was shocked about this.

Theoretically, there should be less and less evil phenomenon happened these days because this society has entered the most civilized era. With the modern technology, people expand their capability greatly. Even in developing countries, people are living a better life. However, it is hard to understand that human seems to become greedier, which results in too much unfair. Therefore, at the corner of somewhere in the world, the similar tragedy happens almost every day. It feels like this world doesn’t become safer, more peaceful, and more friendly, rather than be full of disappoint, fear, hatred, horror, and loss of hope…

So, I hope everyone can try the best to let the people around who are not as good as us feel the sunshine and the beauty of the world. Let us try our best to plant kindness, which make the world blossoming due to the human nature.

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