Friday, January 23, 2009

Web lottery: true or false?

I read a news recently: A senior lady sold 9999 lottery (each 99.0 Euro) online. The winner, one and only one winner will get the prize of 83,000 Euro of her house in Europe. She sold all the lottery in a month. As a result, a dentist was the winner and got the house with only 99.0 Euro. But the lady actually made net 16,000 Euro.

This is a creative idea from the lady to sell her house.

True or false?

It does not matter whether you believe it or not. The key is the earth is flat and the world is getting smaller because of the Internet.

Web, e-business, sell stuff online....

With Internet,making money become easy and fast if and only if you have some creative ideas....

So please do not ignore anything special or skills you have. Something seems not important or trivial, maybe they are the tools to make you rich.

Think about it.....

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