Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chinese version of tourisim information

I believed some people still remember this news:

“Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that will bring more customers to the U.S. tourism industry by facilitating group leisure travel from China to the United States and permit United States destinations to market themselves in China.
The agreement between the United States and China was announced at the U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT) and is expected to be implemented in the spring of 2008.”

I believe you know what this agreement and the news mean! It means that thousands of Chinese tourists will visit USA in the coming future when getting US visa become easy, which will bring tones of business opportunities to the tourism, retail industry, and hotels in the United States.

Yes, it is true and exciting, especially at the moment of bad economic situation.

However, if I ask, “Is USA ready to their visit?” You may say yes because you have websites for everything, information centers and travel guide everywhere, booklets everywhere, and tourism agents everywhere.

However, people here may not realize most of these Chinese visitors do not know much English. All of the information that currently have may NOT work for them. As a result, it may be difficult for them to find your places for sightseeing, for shopping, etc. In a word, to these non-English speaking visitors, the reception preparation here may be not ready. One of the most important issues is probably how to help them easily find the attraction/sightseeing scenery they want to see; easily find the hotel for their accommodation; easily find the places for shopping,…
So, some more works here may be needed to be ready. You may be able to help for the ready.

First, you can help you translate the travel guide, the information brochures about sightseeing scenery and hotels, the websites into Chinese, which can help these Chinese visitors find your attraction and the beauty of these places by themselves through reading the Chinese version introduction; Second, you can also advertise your places on some Chinese version websites with video to demonstrate the places, the shops, the hotels, saving their time and cost but attracting more attention!
You may be wondering how you can do this without knowing Chinese. Think about your advantages, your network, and your interest to start a business. If you have the sources or customers, you can always easily hire Chinese translators. So, if you want, can you do that? Yes, you can!

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