Sunday, January 18, 2009

Open a tea house: a healty, cultural, and elegant business

In 2006, I was invited to help an exhibitor from China for their trade show at the Congress Venter of Atlanta. I was surprized and happy that so many american people have known the health benefits of drinking tea and their strong interests in drinking teas. Some of them have studied the tea culture.

In fact, the health benefits of drinking tea have been recognized from so may studies.

So I am wondering whether a tea house can be opened and operated in a community with great potential customers. If so, the tea shop needs to be decorated elegantly with Asian style: a peaceful, friendly, cultural environment. Traditional classic Chinese music can be played all the time. The tea will be served with special tea-related cookies. The sources (books, CDs, DVDs, paintings, tea pots and related accessories etc.) to display tea culture can be presented in the house. Special events to present tea culture can be held to educate and attract interested people ...
The tea house does not need a big house, but the style, the environment, and the message to send its customers must be special.
You may not expect its popularity like coffee shop, but it is enough if you have stable tea customers.

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