Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reduce depression and anxiety: what can we do?

Financial crisis, economic downturn, laid off, foreclosure, long snow season, endless rainy days, illness.....

Perhaps we can not avoid seeing and feeling these happenings around us these days. It is also possible to see more people around to get upset,depressed, and anxiety, which will break the balance of their feeling from heart and the life. At this moment, the instant way to reduce these feeling or situation is to consult a psychologist or take medicine.

But, but, if not very serious, the following methods may help better:
  • Talk to those people you can trust, let unhappy feeling and pressure release
  • Drive to the seashore or mountain areas, yell to the sea and the forest; or cry without any hesitate
  • Listen to positive music
  • Participate in group sports, parties, and activities
  • Recall the successful experience and achievements
  • Try something new or interests
  • Be ourselves

In addition, try to avoid the following issues:

  • Drink too much alcohol
  • Stay lonely
  • Watch tragic movies or listen to sad music, or read too emotional novels
  • Compare with others

You may have more or better ways, pleae share with us!


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