Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My own energy drinks

The argument and debate on whether energy drink is healthy or risky is not new and may become hotter and hotter. Before any conclusions are drawn, I prefer not drinking them, neither my family. Sometimes it is hard to see the effect immediately. When you see it, it is too late. We each person has only one life, there already have been enough healthy risky factors around us that is hard to escape. If we can, why not avoid as much as possible.

If I really need energy drink,  I will make it by myself from natural products. The easiest way is to make ginseng tea, or jujube tea, Chinese Wolfberry tea, or a combination of the two or three. The way to make it is simple: Put them into boiled cool water and soak for at least half hour, drink the tea and eat the ginseng or the fruit at the end.

Note: This is my personal experience and not recommendation for any body.

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