Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What should we drink: milk or soybean milk?

1. About milk!

Believe or not? Please read the following reports:

“Drinking any type of cow’s milk noticeably raises body levels of insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a naturally occurring hormone in both cows and humans. Elevated levels of IGF-1 have been associated with increased risk of breast cancer.”

"Another food additive of concern is zeranol, a growth promoter used in the beef industry that mimics the effects of natural estradiol in the body. "

For many years, I have been advised not to eat “RED” meat, which has more toxin accumulation. For the sake of health, I prefer believe it and avoid eating more red meat like beef and pork. My whole family seldom drinks milk although it is advised to do to get calcium. We do not like the taste and prefer eating more natural food and some supplemental.
2. Soybean

From the recommendation and testimonial from our parents (they are over 80 and still healthy) and my friends, we eat a lot of soy bean products (tofu, soybean milk, and fried beans).

So, if you want to ask me what we should drink rather than milk. I would say: Soy bean milk: the best one is what you make from your blend and your own cheese cloth. Today I got the news and would like to share: Early soy diet may protect against breast cancer.

As always, you know your health; you care about your health; your health is at your hand!
What sould we drink: milk or soybean milk?


  1. I love soybean thanks for sharing. Sheer!!!!

  2. Hi Aree,

    Thanks. Actualy my main food and drink is soybean. My family eat Tofu and soybean-derived food, snack every day; I make soybean milk at home:Pre-soak the soybean overnight, blend them with water, filter with cheese cloth, and boil them with dilution. If you would like sweet flavor, add some sugar crystal. This very fresh , tasteful, and healthy soybean dirnk.