Monday, March 16, 2009

From Polyphenols to OPC-3

I like drinking green teas because it contains significant amount of polyphenols, which are antioxidant or free radical scavengers. These antioxidants are substances or nutrients normally existing in our foods such as vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene (which is converted to vitamin A) as well as in plants.

When our body cells use oxygen, they naturally produce free oxygen radical species which can cause damage to our body and lead to health problems such as heart disease, macular degeneration, diabetes, cancer etc. As free radical scavengers, Antioxidants are capable of counteracting the damaging effects of oxidation which can prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body. Antioxidants may also enhance immune defense and therefore lower the risk of cancer and infection.
Therefore we are advised to eat more vegetables and fruits to take these substances naturally. When people get older or ill, they need more of these compounds which can not be got by just eating food or drinking. They need concentrated supplementals. The good news is that an very good antioxidant named OPC-3 is available in the market. The benefits of OPC-3 can be found on the website and on news.


  1. Hey,

    I just read about OPC's on

    Apparently, they're found in higher concentrations in red wine than resveratrol is. Very cool.

    Great article, I'll check out OPC-3.

  2. Hi,Tri4time,

    Great and thanks for your comments! You know that doctors may be able to cure our diseases but they cannot guarantee our health. We cannot wait to take care of our health until we are diagnosed something. Our health is at out hand: we need smart, high quality, and balanced nutrition.