Saturday, February 4, 2012

Panic attack or heart attack?

The symptoms of a panic attack appear suddenly, without any apparent cause. They may include: racing or pounding heartbeat; chest pains; stomach upset; dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, difficulty breathing; tingling or numbness in the hands; hot flashes or chills; trembling and shaking; dreamlike sensations; terror and fear of dying.

Panic attacks may be symptoms of an anxiety disorder. These attacks are a serious health problem in the U.S. At least 20% of adult Americans, or about 60 million people, will suffer from panic attacks at some point in their lives. About 1.7% of adult Americans, or about 3 million people, will have full-blown panic disorder at some time in their lives, twice as often for women than men.

Its symptoms can closely mimic those of a heart attack. So if you do not have heart disease history and you are young (especially the teenagers) for suffer the hear attack, and you live in some sort of stress. You are most likely experiencing the anxiety disorder.

In this situation, first adjusting your home dishes, especially taking more vitamin B complex, banana (supply sodium ion) etc. will help; second, try to release your stress, change work or study environment etc.Taking medicine is not always the first choice, which will make you more dependent on the medicine; some people have to take the medicine over his/her life time.

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